We utilize the most current technology in our industry. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide our clients with high-quality products on time and on budget.

We realize that most people could care less about what model of press or copy machine we use, so long as they receive what they ordered. Still, we can’t help being proud of our toys. Once you see how great they make you look, we hope you’ll be proud of them, too.

S. No. Description Size(inches) Make
 01  Rota Print Machines (2 color)  13×17  England
02  Solna (Model 225) Multi Color Print  13×17  England
 03  Pearl Color Metal Machine  20×30  Switzerland
 04  Jewell Machine  22×32  Switzerland
 05  Kirma Dye Cutting  25×30  Pakistan
 06 Automatic Cutting Machine  Pakistan
 07  Letter Press Machine  10×15 USA
 08  Heat Embossing England
 09  Reverse Dye Embossing  5×8 England
 10  Foil Printing  5×8 England
 11 Lamination Machine 30×40 Pakistan
 12 Computers (IBM Compatible) with all facilities
 13 Laser Printer (HP-1200)  1200 DPI
 14  Desk Jet Color Printer 810 C
 15 Plate Making (Parker Frame) 23×36 England
 16  Camera Section (Vertical Camera with contact frame) Pakistan
 17 Designing Section (with all facilities)
 18  Screen Printing Section
 19  Folder Stahl (Color Metal)
 09  Reverse Dye Embossing  5×8 England
 09  Reverse Dye Embossing  5×8 England
 09  Reverse Dye Embossing  5×8 England
 09  Reverse Dye Embossing  5×8 England